Sprocket: Steampunk Survivor



Make sure and watch your health! Food and water will be very important over your course through the game. Make sure and keep at least a few different foods on you to keep a healthy diet

Weapon Crafting

There will be a crafting system, similar to that of Terraria, have the items, craft the desired item. Though there will be designated crafting stations you can place in your base/shop .


Items, will not have durability stats. They will however have a "grade" of the quality it was crafted. This sets it's stats, the more experienced you are at crafting the higher grade the item will be


You have full control over your world and how you shape it. With a very simple building system you will be able to create to your hearts desire


There will be an "enchantment" system. Though the enchantment will be determined by the materials used, on top of the quality of the crafting.


With a procedural open world map, endless encounters, dynamic enemy NPCs, and ever changing landscape, there will always be a new adventure around the corner

Release Date: January 2024

This date is subject to change, and may not be accurate